code of conduct

  1. Student will have personal laptop with active webcam and microphone for the full session.
  2. Student's full face must be visible throughout the duration of the session.
  3. Student will have their real name displayed throughout the session.
  4. Student will be seated upright at a table with adequate light.
  5. Student will be in a quiet space during sessions that is free from distractions such as pets, siblings, and friends.
  6. Student will be appropriately dressed.
  7. Student will use appropriate language during class.
  8. Student will be prompt to each session. If a student is not in Zoom within 30 minutes, it will be marked as an absence.
  9. Student will verbally engage in dialog throughout the session with the teacher.
  10. Student will “share screen” when prompted by teacher to display their work.
  11. Student will independently complete any homework assigned after each session.